The toughest decisions in our lives are often made by the seat of our pants.

We try to prepare ourselves with wisdom and knowledge. We try to draw on our experience and training. The fact of the matter is, though, that we don’t often get any more time than it takes for us to simply follow our hearts and hope for the very best.

What’s worse is that there is seldom, if ever, anyone there when it’s over to pin a medal on our chest, shake our hand, and tell us that we did a good job of it. Instead we are mostly just left with little more than our consciences to bear witness to us as to whether we have done the right thing or not. Then we get to spend the rest of our lives on this Earth wrestling with that moment, re-thinking our process, re-evaluating our choices, imagining what might have been had we opted some other way.

In the end, all we can ever truly do is our best with whatever we are handed. No one could ask us for any more than that and we can be held to no other standard.